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Post by Izzy Soleman » Tue Nov 15, pm. I am using share latex template to write my PhD thesis. The template has a default numerical citation style eg: Text sample [1]. The bibliography would then need to be in alphabetic order.

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Essay weakness

My thesis statement would introduce my essay; I then had supporting topic sentences that…. For instance, when I have essay assignments I can adapt to the different types of essays. Therefore, writing a narrative is different to writing a research paper. For example, when I had to learn how to write a….

Seeing red marks on my essays could either mean that I did a flawless job or I may have been guilty of a few comma splices and contractions. Nevertheless, my strengths lie in my use of vocabulary and organization of the essays.

However, I tend to be weaker in my use of grammar and topic sentences. Although these weaknesses proved a challenge to overcome during the semester, they…. Upon analyzing my weaknesses and strengths as a student my most important traits are procrastination, perseverance, and fast learning. Being a student has helped me understand why having strengths and weaknesses is normal. During my time as a student I have noticed that when I make good use of my time and focus on the task at hand I am a great student.

However, if I let my most visible weakness get the best of me I 'm prone to failure. My strengths have shown me that I am not just some simple…. One of the biggest strengths this team has is years worth of experience with the technology. The app is on a website that is available to practically every kid in college.

When students are told to do something, they want to do it the easiest way possible, without doing much work. By using this specific team, they can help students do this way better than any website or app MSU has to offer. A weakness that they have is that they feel as though they do not have any creative sort of gene in them. He experiences most difficulty with the lateral weight shift from L to R foot due to R hip pain.

Pt also has limited hip flexion, hip extension, and knee…. During my time in English 1A I was able to see some of my strength and weaknesses in my writing and reading as well; I also learned how to use them to make me a stronger reader and writer. I learned new things that will help me in my English classes and also some of my other future classes.

During our English class we sped through the class since it was compacted into six weeks so this class went over lots of those things I was not able to understand before. With explanations, assignments,…. As a part of the experience, the task requires me to consider that BDM is an ailment that the principal effects are characterized by progressive muscle weakness and wasting much like Duchenne Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications, BMD is brought on by a X-linked mutations of the dystrophin gene Mah et al.

The mutation causes…. However, sometimes, that crazy little leprechaun in my had still comes out to play. For instance, I started a day home yoga challenge to get into shape and lose some weight. I think the facts speak for themselves. Why put myself through this? All in all, after extensive soul-searching, I realize that my self-doubt is my greatest weakness of them all, because it is a brick wall I keep hitting in all aspects of my life, be them personal or professional.

Acknowledging the existence of a problem is a huge step towards solving it, and I will keep working on it until I demolish that brick wall — or banish the crazy little leprechaun in my head, if the metaphor feels more appropriate. Get more free essays Which categories were useful to you?

Send via email. While being a lecturer in several high school institutions Lona founded an online educational project Tutorsclass. Read more. I've worked as a volunteer in many different international social projects and as a camp counselor every summer.


God has made everyone with some weakness and some power. So no one is totally perfect. Only God is perfect. When someone is weak in health then some is weak in money. Some are weak in nature. Some are very strong in nature. Some has strong mental strength. But some has very poor mental strength. In this way God made the world with his purest perfume. A baby is very weak when it is born. As the age is growing a baby is becoming stronger than from first state. Now it is proved that it is our journey from weakness to strength.

This journey is like darkness to light. Every man has their weaknesses. Animals and insects are also having their weaknesses. In our normal life we all say or discuss about our weakness. But weaknesses are vital to the interview.

An interviewer always gives importance to our weaknesses. So we must careful when we are in front of interview table. It is not only enough. We all human beings also have some personal weaknesses. The synonyms of weakness are —defect, proneness, deficiency, failing, flaw, fragility, frailty, gap, instability, lack, lapse, shortcoming etc.

The antonyms of weakness are-advantage, perfection, plenty, strength, strong point, success, ability, antipathy, disinclination, dislike, hate, hatred, health, indifference, loathing, soundness etc. A man can define himself through his weaknesses and strength. Suppose a man is angry which is his weakness. Lack of temperament denotes that the man is weak in nature. He has no control over his wrath. The example of a lame man suggests that he is physically weak.

A person who has no knowledge and has no strength to take a decision refers to mental weakness. Thus in this world everyone has their own weakness. If they will not check themselves this folly may be the cause of their downfall. What do most people think about dogs? Are they man's best friend or worst enemy? In my estimation, a sense of humor is a valuable thing. Oxygen is especially vital for animal life forms. Inadequate or unfocused topic sentences Do not, out of enthusiasm, haste, or laziness, abandon the basics of paragraph structure for paragraphs subsequent to your thesis statement.

From start to finish the paper should follow a consistent progression leading coherently to a reasonable, well thought out conclusion. Therefore, make sure every single paragraph in your paper contains its own clearly stated topic sentence as well as the specific details to support each, though not necessarily in that order—the following example, for instance, starts with an illustration and concludes with a topic sentence:.

At George Washington Junior High School, after students had been wearing uniforms only five months, groups of students who formerly occupied separate areas of the lunch yard began sitting closer to each other and talking to each other more. School administrators concluded that the wearing of school uniforms had obscured the socioeconomic differences between students and resulted in more social mixing between the groups. Wearing school uniforms is socially good for junior high school students.

In short, fuzziness in topic sentences suggests fuzziness in thinking. If you settle for vagueness in your topic sentences, you will be more likely to write off-topic or jump around from topic to topic. Clarifying your topic sentence—clarifying your thinking—will go a long way toward producing an organized and convincing paper. Writing off-subject Your thesis statement is a promise to your reader about what you will cover in your paper.

Don't write "off" this subject; don't include sentences that do not support or elaborate on this main idea. For instance, if your thesis statement for an expository "process" paper is "Making a set of bookshelves requires precise skills," don't include sentences describing your favorite author or the kinds of books you plan to place in the bookshelves. If your thesis statement for a descriptive paper is "My room is a place of refuge," don't include more than incidental references to the other parts of the house or to your neighborhood.

A narrative sometimes seems particularly difficult to contain within the confines of a thesis statement. Consider, for example, a narrative paper about the biggest fish you ever caught. Remember that what you have promised to tell your reader is about catching the biggest fish ever; every sentence and paragraph should relate to this.

Failing to anticipate objections Especially for an argumentative or persuasive paper, you must acknowledge and attempt to overcome objections to your thesis. For example, consider the following thesis statement: "Courses in Western Civilization should not be required of American college students. Western civilization represents the core culture of American students; to be successful in this culture, they must understand it. The study of Western culture should be required in addition to Asian, African, or other cultures, in order to foster understanding of the modern global community.

Objections like these can be merely acknowledged-"Although some people insist that all students in American should study Western culture Decide whether your topic—or the objection itself—is strong enough to warrant detailed discussion of opposing viewpoints. An inadequate conclusion Usually, student writers should write a concluding paragraph that summarizes the topic sentence in words different from those used earlier and restates the thesis again, in different words.

The conclusion should include the most important idea from your paper, the one you most want readers to remember. Some papers may differ; the conclusion to a narrative essay, for example, may not follow this pattern. My room is one of the quietest, most beautiful, and most spacious rooms I have seen. Within the confines of my room, I can work, I can think, I can rest. It is, indeed, a place of refuge in a noisy, crowded, and often ugly world.

An effective conclusion "returns" to the material in the introduction—the imagery, metaphor, or analogy found there, for instance. A satisfying conclusion may also contain one last anecdote to illustrate the thesis. Choose a technique that seems appropriate to your subject matter and the tone of your paper. Although beginners should stick to the techniques outlined above, experienced writers often do one more thing-they draw a conclusion beyond the points already made.

I would not be where I am today if I had not been forced to view my life in an honest manner. Alcohol almost killed me many times, and I am still only one drink away from a life of hell. I have been sober for almost two years, and I have never felt happier or more serene. With God's grace, I will stay sober today. Tomorrow will take care of itself. While not introducing new material, this kind of conclusion both summarizes and points out more far-reaching consequences, gives a warning, or offers an alternative suggested by or based on the ideas already put forth.

Minor Weaknesses In addition to the major weaknesses above, minor errors can diminish the apparent strength of your argument and result in a paper that is merely adequate. After correcting major problems, check for some of the errors below:.

Identifying six major weaknesses Six major weaknesses can doom your paper to mediocrity or worse: A too-broad thesis statement A poorly formulated thesis Inadequate or unfocused topic sentences Writing off-subject Failing to anticipate objections An inadequate conclusion The checklist below can help you discover whether your paper suffers from any of these errors.

My subject is limited enough for adequate treatment for this length of paper. My thesis statement is a discussable point and is in the form of a declarative sentence.

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