teachers should be paid more persuasive essay

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Teachers should be paid more persuasive essay top dissertation abstract writers for hire

Teachers should be paid more persuasive essay


First, some parents have very low income and they can not provide for their families and if you are getting paid for the good grades you earned you can use that money to help your family. Another thing is, some kids do not like do their work and with the ability to make money for good grades would influence the kids to do their assignments and get promising grades. Teaching is a choice just like any other job. Most teachers are passionate about what they do so, it is ok for them to get paid less.

Teachers go into this job field for wanting to help the kids extend their education and knowing they will not be getting paid enough, but they should be getting paid a way more decent amount then they are now. Almost everyone goes to school during their lifetime to get a better education and the teachers are the ones teaching us. Teachers should not have to be living paycheck by paycheck.

With the small amount the government is paying teachers, they have enough to pay their bills and purchase groceries but not much left for spending money. Some people believe paying students for good grades is a bad idea, I personally believe students will strive to do better when they are paid for their work. Lots of schools are paying their students for getting good grades, and others are giving it a try.

More people would try to be in AP classes if they were offered money or more money than just a regular non AP or Honors class. Paying students will help underprivileged…. Giving students money based on their grades is a great way to teach them that hard work leads to success. The harder the student works the more they get paid. This is a perfect example of the future. If students get low grades they will be paid less than if they get good ones.

If you slack off at a job you will get fired but if you work hard you will get a raise. He explains that the penalty is stopping students from becoming education majors which leaves school systems with less teachers available. Walker wants to get this message to people to raise awareness so that teachers receive the pay they deserve. He also wants more students to consider teaching instead of assuming they would hate it because of the pay. But, Walker talks about how teaching is a rewarding job.

He claims that the best teachers out there do not care as much about the pay, but care more about the quality of education their students are receiving. Teachers should get paid more because a good teacher could change their child 's life for the better. Changing the life of a child changes the future of society which affects us all. Teachers put in long hours for little pay and what they do with that little money is amazing, imagine what they could do with more money.

If teachers got paid more the schools would have more qualified teachers applying for the jobs and entering the field. People would not have to worry about what teachers their child got in primary or elementary school. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Free books and classes are more important than free sports programs. Schools should charge students for sports before they make them pay for books and classes.

After all, education should come first at schools. Unfortunately, the productivity growth only leaves a bigger pay gap. The factory workers are still low paying jobs. According to Davidson, their paychecks should grow as productivity grows, but of course the companies are going to be greedy with their money and take the extra cash for themselves.

These low paying jobs will never change and that is why a higher education is important in order to get a well paying job. This cycle is hard to break and many do not. Why college athletes should be paid School competitors are controlled each day. Understudy competitors are working without stopping for even a minute to meet scholarly principles and to keep their level of play focused.

These competitors should be remunerated and credited for their accomplishments. Are these competitors not being compensated as well as living with no cash. Since the competitors are living off of no cash they are exceptionally powerless against taking cash from promoters and others that are willing to bail them out. Some of the athletes get hurt and they are out for the year because they can 't pay for the injury, but if they get paid it will help them pay for their injuries.

Some athletes don 't have enough money for sports gear, so buy paying them they will be able to get sports gear. Most athletes try to play a sport and have a job so if they got paid it would give them more time to focus on the sport. Athletes should be paid earlier so it will help them in the pros by giving them confidence so they don 't get worried that they are going to spend all of their money.

If athletes get paid earlier it will help the manage their money when their older so it will help them pay bills. Also it would teach them how to manage money and how to become a responsible adult. It would also put some in the situation of financial stakes becoming high. When players get suspended from a game, what does that really teach them? College athletes deserve to be paid because they are the only ones not being paid in the college sports industry.

Floyd Mayweather was handed a million dollar check right after his fight with Pacquiao. Floyd is the highest paid athlete. Teachers are one of the lowest paying college majors in America. While teachers prepare young adults to get ready for the real world and college and yet they get paid far less than what he is making in one match. Some students do not get attention at home and need that attention at school and teachers provide that.

Teachers can have a personal connection with students serving as a friend and someone to encourage them to do the best they can. Teachers dedicate a part of their own life for their students. This is why teachers should be paid more than professional athletes. Preparing students for college is a goal teachers …show more content… Teachers work so hard to train themselves to be able to teach students and interact with them. It is hard on teachers to deal with children who do not want to learn or could care less about what they are teaching.

This creates emotional stress on teachers, very similar to that of professional athletes before big games. Teachers job security are determined by their students test performance, which can be unfair since some students just do not care. Professional athletes jobs can be determined by their performance as well, but the results lie in their hands. Those who become teachers know they probably will not be making big money.

It is not about the income; they are in it for the outcome. Professional athletes know they are making big money no matter what. Teachers work hard for the job they have just like professional athletes, so why is there so much of a income gap? After everything that teachers do for us why do we not give back to them by paying them more? Teachers are the educators of the society. A world can live without professional athletes, but not without teachers.

Teachers should be paid more than professional. Show More. Lives On The Boundary Analysis Words 7 Pages One of the hardest parts in education for the students is to get the invitation from their teachers. Read More. Persuasive Essay On Equal Playing Time Words 6 Pages Should a person get paid just for showing up for there a job and not actually doing anything? Persuasive Essay Daycare Words 4 Pages People shouldn't have to spend more money out of their pockets for childcare.


As a result,. This means an effective class and raised teaching standard which in-turn improves the overall motivation of the teacher. This results in a positive influence on the productivity of the teacher as well as have positive influence on the overall satisfaction of the teacher. To understand the importance of planning from an intrinsic viewpoint, it is important to consider the real advantages, which could be driving an increased teacher enthusiasm.

A fully planned lesson allows the teacher to maintain focus throughout the lesson. As discussed previously, effective lesson planning can have a positive effect on the motivation on a teacher. Tenured teachers stay longer at the school, which is great for the school, because turning over teachers is disruptive to the school.

Tenure encourages the careful selection of qualified and effective teachers. While each state has its own regulations for how teacher tenure works, most are very similar. Each new teacher is given a probation period and during that period the teacher must prove that they are having a positive effect on their students.

Since it is difficult to remove tenured teachers, tenure encourages school administrators to take more care when making the promotions. Not students. If the student is doing all their work and still not succeeding in their classes, the teacher who is showing such habits must be distracted from their job. Such as grading all the work assigned to the students. The punishment serves as a reminder of those facts and helps students come to realize that cheating hinders your education.

Later in life you will not be able to simply copy another person or look to the internet to answer all your problems. If you go down that route you run the risk of your employer firing you based on your inability to complete the assigned task.

Within the student handbook for the Piper School District it clearly specifies that the punishment for plagiarism will be an immediate zero on the given assignment. However, some claim that removing electives would allow students to focus more on school instead of work instead of socializing.

School is for learning and earning an education, and electives are just different styles of learning designed for different types of minds. In conclusion, the students of central high school receive a great benefit from these elective classes. Electives are needed for students to jumpstart their careers and express their talents in a mature, professional way. Doing away with electives would bring more harm than just fixing.

Even if they are almost finished with a task they will see no hope for finishing if it is to hard. Studies concluded, that students who live in poverty will display impatience, inappropriate emotional responses, and unable to have empathy for peers misfortunes. Trying to empathize for these students is key. Teachers and teens can begin to change their school, not only for the students who live in poverty, but as a whole.

Many of the teachers we have now are less than interested in their job, and it shines through. It is exceptional noticeable that they would rather be anywhere other than that classroom, and be around these students. When teachers have this attitude, and take it to the classroom everyday, it takes a toll on the students academically.

It harms them because they are not getting the best education provided. Teachers have little to no motivation to help their students excel academically. They go into their classroom, ramble off their lecture, and then leave. When teachers are not active in a students life, it harms the students.

Schools try multiple different ways to get teachers involved, and nothing changes in the classroom. If a teachers pay …show more content… If their paychecks were based off of their students success in their classes, their entire attitudes would change. They would take their job more seriously, and have some motivation to do their job the thorough way students need.

Most teacher unions adamantly opposed performance based pay because of this element. Standard teacher contracts make it difficult to terminate employment, but a performance based pay contract makes it easier to remove a bad teacher. Others agree that if teachers were held to a higher standard, and had something held against them, they would want to be more involved. Having proof that a teacher is incapable of teaching students everything they need too, they will be able to weed out the bad teachers.

Giving teachers an incentive to get it together, and start teaching their students to the fullest extent should be implemented in more schools. Students will be more successful in their studies, and overall become more successful in school. A big chunk of teachers need some sort of incentive so they can teach their students better.

What a lot of people don 't know is that behind the great results were extra hours spent on self-studying and hours of private tuition that their parents put them through. The college also makes money from the tickets they sell at the games along with the food and other merchandise they sell at the games.

It is only right for the athletes who make all this possible gets some of the profit they help bring in. People are making millions of dollars off these athletes while they are living in poverty. Another reason college athletes should get paid is because all of them are not on scholarship. As we all Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Why do teachers get paid so much less than sports players?

A teacher mentors a child or teenager and gives them knowledge. A sports player plays a game in which they are good at and love to do. So why does a sports player live a dream life earning millions of dollars a year while a teacher is stuck living the middle class life. A teacher gives a student the gift of knowledge, teaching them day by day helping the student almost all the time.

Giving the student the choice to do something great with their life. Whether or not the student decides to do something with this chance is up to them. On the other hand more sports player have little or no interaction with their fans. The most interaction some sports players have with their younger fans is through charity events, or by being paid to sign autographs.

So why are sports players so much more glorified than teachers. The majority of teachers get paid a middle class salary , live a middle class life and harldy ever get looked at as major influences to kids; however, just because a sports player plays a game like no other they could be famous, a millionaire, and looked at as a hero to people across the country or even worldwide. Even when off the field that phenomenal sports player might never do a thing for their fans they are hardly ever looked at negatively for not paying attention to their fans.

A teachers job is to pay attention to each and everyone of their students they deal with students day by day and year by year compared to the sports player of having a ten year at most length career. Is it fair that two people born with a gift, one has the gift to play a game like no one else and the other has a gift of teaching. Granted that some aports players can be good role models for their fans and making an adloesence believe in themselves that they can do something great in their life that they never thought possible.

But a teacher can show a student that they can also do things they never thought possible. A teacher has the ability to change lives of many students. Get Access. Satisfactory Essays. Why Athletes Are Overpaid Essay. Read More. Good Essays. Philosophy of Teaching Words 2 Pages. Philosophy of Teaching. Education is not just in the classroom Words 4 Pages.

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