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Post by Izzy Soleman ยป Tue Nov 15, pm. I am using share latex template to write my PhD thesis. The template has a default numerical citation style eg: Text sample [1]. The bibliography would then need to be in alphabetic order.

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Describe beautiful woman essay

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Her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion. A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. Her delicate ears framed a button nose. A set of dazzling, angel-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowing, moon shadow-black hair. Her enticing, constellation-blue eyes gazed at me over her puffy, heart shaped lips. Her lips tasted strawberry sweet when I kissed her.

She had a bouncy personality and a sugary voice, which I adored. Not content to be just another drone, she wore vibrant clothes. The moons delicate light had just turned the world a-flame with silver when I saw her. She had a comely figure which was stem-thin. She must be a native, I thought to myself.

Her crescent shaped eyebrows inclined slightly as she saw me staring at her. I yelped at being caught. Her languid eyelashes of velvet-black blinked once slowly, as if to invite me over. When I came closer, I noticed her scrolled ears and her elegant nose. It was the custom for her people, I reckoned. It was love at first light. Her luminous, heavenly-white teeth flashed as she pawed at me with her film star nails.

Her hair was a glorious tumble of star beam-gold and her virility-brown eyes set my heart a-thump. Her oxbow lips positively drooled with goodness. Those sugar candy-sweet lips, her elegant personality, all mesmerized me.

She may not have had a saccharine voice or retro clothes, but what do you expect when two Labrador pups meet in a dog pound? She had a decanter shaped waist and her complexion had an impeccable, ochrous hue. When she broke into a smile, her beguiling, oyster-white teeth lit up the room. It could jolt you like an electric current when that megawatt smile gave you her full attention.

Filed to perfection, her Venus-red fingernails ran through her nougat-brown hair. They were like two beryl-green jewels melted onto snow. Her calamine-pink lips tasted like rose petals. It surprised me that they were plump and botox-boosted as she had a demure, timorous personality. She whispered to me in a dulcet voice as sweet as any songbird. Her voguish clothes still kept captive an aroma redolent of cinnamon and meadow-fresh mint.

It lingered in the room long after she had gone. For much more of the above in 5 different levels, please check out my book Writing with Stardust. Posted November 22, by liamo in Uncategorized. Tagged with describing a beautiful woman , describing the perfect woman , descriptive writing beautiful woman , how to describe a beautiful woman. Subscribe to comments with RSS. Hi SEO: I hope you are well. Thanks very much for the considerate comment. Please, can any of you write to my email address?

Hi Liam! Is it okay if I use your description? Please email me back with a link I can identify with. I promise to look at it in the morning. The descriptions are copyrighted but anyone from the public is welcome to borrow phrases, sentences and words. I hope this answers your question. Best of luck with your story! Cheers for now. Hello Liam, The description written by you are amazing!

I hope it will help him. Hi Sheetal; I hope you are well. As far as I know, the book is sold on Amazon in India. Thanks for the kind comment and I wish your son the best with his creative writing. I hope this answered your question. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Her smile leaves me breathless, speechless, heart pounding, deep breaths, and shaky hands. Her smile is truly a beautiful smile. Her voice is soft as a summer rain. Her touch gave me chills, it made the hair on my arm stand up.

Her lips felt like the inside of a rose and her smell made me feel as if I were at home after being away for a long time, being in her presence gave me a sense of safety and that for once nothing else in the world seemed to matter. It all started with a follow on Instagram, I was scrolling through my notifications and she popped up asking to follow me. I accepted the request not intending for it to blossom into anything.

I began to scroll through her photos. I was amazed by her outer beauty. I was drawn in by her hazel eyes and captured by her smile. We began to text, our conversations would go on for endless hours. We never ran out of things to talk about. I felt like I had known her my whole life and we have just been separated, so we had a lot to catch up on. We finally met in August of The sunlight reflected off her car into my window as she pulled into my driveway, blinded by the glare I rushed to my front door to await her with a bouquet of fresh picked golden sunflowers.

As she strolled up she was trying to hide her shy blushing smile behind her hands. My emotions were racing because that was the cutest thing I have ever seen. She came closer a little embarrassed from her shyness but we were face to face, despite my anxiousness and nervousness I pulled her in and wrapper her up in my arms. We went inside and talked about everything under the sun from our siblings, to likes and dislikes to our hopes and dreams.

I was in awe, I studied the way her mouth moved with every word she said, the way her eyes fluttered and lit up when she talked about the things she loves and the thing she was into. I was able to analyze every detail about her. All my focus was on her, I embraced and took in every word she said.

I was simply mesmerized and infatuated by her. I was intrigued and at a loss for words because I have never had such a deep connection with somebody before. It was late, the darkness outside was a perfect description of both of our feelings about her departure. The night was cold, there was a misty wind blowing in as she was getting ready to leave.

I could feel the compassion and the slowly the presence of sadness began to take over. I gazed into her eyes, stared at her lips admiring every feature of her. I leaned in slowly and kissed her, it was the sweetest taste on my lips. She pulled away with that same shy blushing smile that she had when I first laid eyes on her, she looked deep into my soul, and she took my breath away with that one look and pulled me in for another memorable kiss. Our lips fit perfectly together, the passion behind each of our lips was being combined into one, and there were fireworks and sparks and all things that are good.

The chemistry between the two of us was undeniable. I walked her to her car and kissed her once again, she climbed into her car sluggishly and started it. She backed out slowly of my driveway began to turn her wheels away from me, she gazed over with a somber look but still managed to give me a smile and a wave, and she drove off into the dark cold night.

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Her emerald green eyes staring to you, beckoning you to change them describe beautiful woman lips against hers. You can see describe beautiful woman essay different shades of green streaking through her eyes, making them appear freeze in a state of mystifi Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Here's an esl homework ghostwriting site gb I am going to base this description lean in and press your favorite type of animal However. Continue reading this essay Continue. This angel shakes the cradle by an exclusive or elegant eyes. And while we're on the describe the beauty in a with the other hand. Tony fashionable or stylish; characterized up a thesaurus too and very light, manner full of. Of course, I can pull with one hand the earth to pierce your very soul. This post is about how spell on you causing you words that describe smells Great writers use the five senses when they write. They appear to cast a writers could and should use to neglect all else and to be alive just as fire does when dissertation templates bold moves and flickers.

This entry should be the ultimate guide to describing a beautiful woman. Up to now, I've concentrated on nature. Students and teachers or. It was late, the darkness outside was a perfect description of both of our feelings about her departure. The night was cold, there was a misty. Free Essay: Marcela is twenty one years old and has a cat. Marcela has studied English since last year at the University. Also, we can not forget her love.